Deadlift 5×5
5 Deadlifts x 5 sets @70% of Heavy Single (Week 1)

* Complete a set on the 2 minutes *

Cory & Topanga
18:00 Amrap
Teams of 2
500/450m Row
50 Double Unders
*Rower is always occupied*

Individual Option:
5 sets
500/450m Row
50 Double Unders
– Rest 1:00 between sets –

L2: Same row, 25 DU’s
L1: 250/200 Row, 30 Single Unders

February challenges! 

“No Dairy Challenge and Row 22,000 meters”

No Dairy Challenge

1) Write your name on the whiteboard.
2) DO NOT consume any dairy including cheese, yogurt, milk, milk powders, casein and whey.
3) Recovery drinks taken within 30 minutes post workout will be permitted.
4) If you consume dairy at all during the month, cross out your name. (Do not erase your name!)

Row 22,000m for Veteran Suicide (
1) Workout meters count.
2) Share the rowers, row no more than 1,000m at a time.