With a Partner
Deadlift (255/175)
Bench Press (155/105)
-Rest 5:00-
Deadlift (205/135)
Bench Press (135/95)

*Switch reps as needed

Option 1: Gymnastics Skill Work
Ring Muscle Ups: Week 1 – Day 2
We have two stations today.

STATION 1 – Ring Stability:
4 ROUNDS of 30 seconds of Work / 30 seconds of Rest
* Work as much as possible within the allotted time frame but STRESS Quality over Quantity

Advanced: 30 seconds Ring Support Tuck Ups
Intermediate: 30 seconds Ring Support Tuck Ups with Band Across Rings for Stability
Beginner: 30 seconds Band Assist Ring Support Holds (work as much as possible within the 30 seconds). Use feet on ground for more scaling if needed.

STATION 2 Grip Strength/Stability:
All Athletes:
30 seconds “Active” Static Hang on High Rings

Option 2: Mayhem Mini-Pump
Mayhem Mini-Pump – Arms and Shoulders
4 Rounds
12 Leaning Lateral Raise @ moderate weight – maintain quality
10 DB Preacher Curl @ moderate weight – maintain quality
10 Bent Over Banded Tricep Extension @ moderate weight – maintain quality

-Rest 3 min b/t rounds-

March challenges! 

“No Liquid Sugar Challenge” and “Max Consecutive Double-Unders

No Liquid Sugar Challenge

1) Write your name on the whiteboard.
2) DO NOT drink any liquid with sugar or added sugar – high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, sugarcane derivatives, artificial sweeteners, etc.
3) Recovery drinks taken within 30 minutes post workout will be permitted.
4) If you drink liquid sugar at all during the month of March, cross out your name. (Do not erase your name!)

Max Consecutive Double-Unders For those who do not have double-unders or do not have many consecutive double-unders, use this challenge as an opportunity to get better!

1) A double-under is considered consecutive when no single jumps are performed in between doubles.
2) All reps must be performed at a CFA.
3) Record your max reps on the whiteboard. (Do NOT hold out by not recording your reps until the last moment.)