CFA is closed today. Please enjoy this At Home WOD!

Post-Feast Nap
For Time
​​1000 meter Run (Or 1200/1000m Row)
40 Handstand Push ups
800 meter Run (Or 1000/850m Row)
30 Handstand Push ups
400 meter Run (Or 500/400m Row)
20 Handstand Push ups

*Scale run/row distance to meet these times: 5 min, 4 min, 2 min.
*HSPU Scale: Reduce Reps, Pike Push-ups, Push-ups

Accumulate 4 minutes of a sandbag front hold at a challenging weight
-rest as needed between breaks-

* If sandbags are unavailable sub front squat or Handstand Hold *

Changes to Thanksgiving week schedule:
11/23 Wednesday: no 5pm class
11/24 Thursday (Thanksgiving): Closed
11/25 Friday (Day after Thanksgiving): Closed

November challenge! 
Complete 1000 sit-ups in the month of November, and/or walk 30 minutes a day (or 15 minutes after 2 of your daily meals). Warm-up and workout sit-ups count.