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A few months ago some of you participated in a Rocehster Nutrition Challenge. The challenge lasted 7 weeks and included workouts and lifestyle challenges in order to earn points. There were several catagories for different winners. CFA claimed the top spots in 3 of the 4 catagories. Scott, was the overall winner. The first of the year I asked that all of you set goals. The first goal was to get to the gym consistently. The second goal was to dial in your nutrition. Hit both of those goals before you work on anything. Why, because if you hit those goals…..everything wil fall into place. No matter what your goal is, your nutrition is your foundation. Without a solid foundation, everything else will crumble. For the 7 weeks of the challenge, Scott set his macros according to his end goal (to build muscle and burn fat), planned his meals daily and ate more food than he was used to eating (whole food). What was his result just 7 weeks later? 20 pounds lighter which was a 8% decrease in body fat, even though he was “dieting” (aka: changed his lifestyle) he still managed to PR in 5 different lifts and workouts. I personally was able to see improvements in his energy during his workouts. He did all this in just 7 weeks. So, if you started changing your diet up on Jan 1st you should see big improvement by the end of February. If you start today, you will see improvements by mid March. If you don’t ever start, you won’t see much improvement at all. 7 weeks…..


1: First let’s start by asking, how long have you been with us and what inspired that first class?I have been with CrossFit Ambition since December 2012. In September 2011 I was pushing 265 and my doctor said it’s time to start high blood pressure medicine. I didn’t want to believe him however I started to workout on my own running 1-3 miles a day plus your standard Chest/Tri’s, Back/Bi’s, Shoulders/Leg days. I was able to get to 225ish however I kept getting stuck. In October 2012, I was on a business trip and I caught the 2012 CrossFit games on ESPN. I saw the commercial linked below and immediately looked up and looked into the workouts of the day. When I got back from the business trip I modified the .com workouts at the YMCA and realized I needed to find a box. My wife and I visited CrossFit Ambition (since it was around the corner from our old house) and we joined. I haven’t looked back yet. Mike Fry also joined with us at the same time.

First workout that I recall was 20 reps of 20 different movements. I recall scaling the weights but remember when I was done saying, “this is for me!”

In the next 4 months after starting Crossfit I hit 188lbs!

2: What does a day in the life of “Scott” look like?
4am Wakeup
5am – 7am CrossFit
7am – 8:30am Breakfast/Get ready for work/help get kids ready for school
8:30am – 5:30pm Work
5:30 – 8:30pm Play with kids / Dinner
8:30 – 10pm Attempt to relax with Wife or wrap-up anything we need to do.
10pm Bed (if not sooner)

3: What is your favorite WOD or type of WOD?
Typically I really like weightlifting or short WOD’s. Longer WOD’s scare me. A WOD like Jackie makes you work hard and fast, Grace will make you sprint, but Murph will drop you on the floor.

4: What is a goal of yours?
Life Goal: Too be able to play with my kids and not have to worry about getting winded or not be physically able to play with them.

Fitness Goal: I want to walk on my hands, this is not something I have thought to be possible. But seriously I want to stay fit and healthy and compete at local competitions and have fun doing it!

5: What are your top favorite foods?
Uncured Bacon!
Garbage Plates
Ice Cream

6: How has CrossFit impacted your life?
After reading the answer to the first question you can probably already tell the impact it has had on me. My old nickname was “Fatty”. There are still a few people at work that call me that and I have no issues with it as the nickname was not because I was fat (long story).

Now people at work know me as the guy that flips tires. Since I work with photos there are plenty of photos that go around work of the different competitions we have done. You’re all famous at my work in some fashion!

If you ask my wife she will tell you all I talk about is CrossFit (I swear I am not that bad…haha). My kids draw pictures of me working out, they ask me to pick them up like kettlebells or perform wall balls of them in the pool! Thankfully CrossFit has made me fit enough to manage all this.

7: What would you say to someone who is interested in starting at CrossFit Ambition?
Try it. You need to try it to determine if it’s something you think will work for you. I won’t sit here and tell everyone it’s for everyone as it might not be. You have to have some level of “crazy” in you and you need to want to get better!

I was the guy that said CrossFit was bad for you and you’re going to get hurt. I refused to listen to a buddy who wanted me to start CrossFit back in 2011 (thanks Lou). I read an article on Crossfit and said why would you want to do Olympic lifting fast? I look back at those comments I made and wonder what I was thinking. I read all the articles bashing CrossFit now and wonder if they just haven’t tried it or just found it wasn’t for them.

8: What do you like about CrossFit?
No Planning: I don’t need to plan my workouts! I love when I get there and turn that corner to see what is on the white board. The emotional levels that are hit during these moments are hard to find any other time of the day.

The community of people working out with you: It’s unlike any other gym as you get to do the same workout with several others. You get to cheer each other on whether you finish first or last. Even if you stop in at another Crossfit box or enter a local competition, everyone cheers each other on!

9: What is your favorite ice cream?
Abbotts Chocolate Custard, if not going out then its Perry’s Chocolate Panda Paws

10: What is your favorite movement?
Deadlift! If deadlift is on the board, you know it’s going to be a GOOD DAY!

11. History:
I have been through almost every issue a CrossFitter could possibly get into. I walked into CrossFit with a Right Shoulder injury and CrossFit did not help it. A year later I finally got surgery on it (Nov 2013). Prior to that injury I fought through a tight left IT band. In May of 2015 I sprained all 4 ligaments in my right ankle (playing with my kids). It’s easy to point out the issues I have had over the past 3 years however my accomplishments outweigh the injuries. Reaching 199lb bodyweight for the first time since sophomore year in high school, hitting PR’s who knows how many times and doing exercises that I had no idea I could possibly do

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