Clean 10×1
10 sets of 1 Squat Clean @75% of 1RM Clean

* Complete 1 set every minute for 10 minutes *

“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.”
18:00 Amrap
500/450m Row
25 Stick sit-ups
250/225m Row
25 V-Ups

L2: 450/400m Row, Sit-ups, 225/200m Row, Tuck-ups
L1: 300/250m Row, Sit-ups, 150/100m Row, Tuck-ups

May Challenges! 

Health Challenge
Drink minimum 1/2 bodyweight in ounces of water everyday.
Some Benefits
– improves memory and mood
– improves exercise performance
– improves recovery
– helps with weight loss
-improves muscle growth and protects our joints.

Physical Challenge
Start out Day 1 with a Max hang
Then accumulate each day
Week 1: 20-30s hang
Week 2: 30-40s hang
Week 3: 20-30s hang & move on bar
Week 4: 30-40s hang & move on bar
Week 5: 40-50s
Last day: Max hang