3 x AMRAP 4:
15 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20)
21 Power Cleans
27/21 Cal Row

Rest 4 Minutes Between Rounds

Round 1: 135/95
Round 2: 115/85
Round 3: 95/65

Round 1: 115/85
Round 2: 95/65
Round 3: 75/55

Clean Positioning
Alternating On the Minute x 10 (5 Rounds):
Minute 1: 2 Pausing Deficit Clean Pulls (3″ Riser)
Minute 2: 50′ Handstand Walk

Sets: 60-65-70-70-70% of 1RM Clean

Substitutions for Handstand Walk:
Reduce Distance
50 Seconds of Practice
Handstand Weight Shifting
Box Shoulder Taps

Video of Pausing Deficit Clean Pull:  Click Here

“Action is the fundamental key to all success.” – Picasso

There is no substitute for action. This is not breaking news.

Everyone has big plans. Big aspirations. The blueprint to “get there”. As integral as it is to have a plan, this is the easy part. And it’s where most stop, because it’s about to get hard.

A famous old American cartoon, “G.I. Joe”, finished every show with a saying: “Knowing is half the battle”. Despite the right intentions behind it, we recognize now it’s a false statement.

Knowing is not half the battle.
It’s not even a quarter.
It’s the first 10%, if that.
Action is 90%.

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