Happy Thanksgiving!

“At Home Murph”
For Time:
1 Mile Run
100 Push-ups
200 Sit-ups
300 Air Squats
1 Mile Run

“Don’t tell me who you are. Tell me what you are.”

When we are asked “who” we are, we default to our past. We define ourselves by our resumes. Although our past may give us insight of where we’ve been, it cannot be what defines us… for it’s the past.

When the question however asks “what” we are, we tend to give a different answer. We describe who we really are. It’s one of character, values and beliefs.

Will we be defined by who we’ve been in the past, or by what we stand for today? Let character be our loudest statement.

**Modified hours this Thursday and Friday**
Thursday – Thanksgiving 11/26: NO CLASSES
Friday 11/27: 8am, 9am, 4pm