Back Squat
3 Sets of 6

Double Unders
AbMat Sit-Ups

Directly Into…

Double Unders
Air Squats

Calves Foam Roll: 1 Minute Each Side
Quad Foam Roll: 1 Minute Each Side
Glute Foam Roll: 1 Minute Each Side

“What you dwell on, is what you become.” – Oprah Winfrey

Humans are the ultimate adaptation machine. The most malleable species on the planet. It’s incredibly important to be thoughtful of what we think about, for what we “dwell” on will literally come to life.

Many unfortunately can dwell on a negative image of themselves. They beat themselves up for mistakes, and convince themselves they don’t have what it takes. That they aren’t the right person to accomplish those kind of aspirations.

Yet, the truth we can all agree on is that none of us currently, at this moment, “have what it takes”… otherwise we’d already be there. We’re all in the same boat, driving forward awkwardly, figuring things out along the way.

Instead of dwelling on the thought of not having what it takes, dwell on the thought, of earning what it takes.

Dwell on an image of you, busting your ass. Dwell on an image of you, sweating, bending over backwards, in order to reach where we want to go. Dwell on an image of you, struggling more than you ever have in your entire life… and making it.

We will not rise to the level of our goals. We instead will fall, to the level of our commitment.

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