“Forty Five”
EMOM x 40 (5 Rounds):
Minutes 1-2: Row or Bike Meters
Minute 3: Strict Press (45/35)
Minute 4: Back Rack Reverse Lunges (45/35)
Minute 5-6: Row or Bike Meters
Minute 7: Side Plank (Right)
Minute 8: Side Plank (Left)

“How much do you care about getting better?”

Sounds like a silly question, but most don’t think about this.
When we are truly care about getting better, our view on things change. We see events as means to grow… truly chances to improve ourselves. The opposite is when we view everything as a test.
When we nd ourselves comparing against others, stuck on the thought of viewing “X” as a measuring stick against our goals, remind ourselves of this question. How much do we care about getting better?