“Street Sweeper”
For Time:
21 Front Squats, 200 Meter Run
21 Pull-ups, 200 Meter Run
18 Front Squats, 200 Meter Run
18 Pull-ups, 200 Meter Run
15 Front Squats, 200 Meter Run
15 Pull-ups, 200 Meter Run
12 Front Squats, 200 Meter Run
12 Pull-ups, 200 Meter Run
9 Front Squats, 200 Meter Run
9 Pull-ups, 200 Meter Run

“Pain versus Discomfort”

There is a common misconception about pain. Pain is not what we feel inside of a conditioning workout, or the tail end of a heavy squat set.

Real pain is different.
Pain is when we are walking through the garage and step on a nail.
Pain is when we lose a limb.
Real pain, is when we loose a loved one.

What we feel inside conditioning sets is not pain… it’s discomfort.
Training isn’t painful. It’s uncomfortable at times, but – it’s not pain.
Let’s use this as a perspective change as we enter today’s training.
Today, let’s get uncomfortable.

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