Set Goals in 2016

A new year is upon once again. For some, they like to start fresh with a new year and that’s fine. Personally I like to set 3 goals every year. Reflect back at your 2015 goals, did you meet them or did you not come close? Where your goals too big? Personally I don’t set big goals, I set small goals. Once I reach those goals, I’ll set new ones. So here is what I want EACH of you to do……set 3 small goals. Write them down put them in a place you will see them EVERYDAY and tell someone (The coaches at CFA love to hear your goals. 1) They can check in with you 2) They can help you with them.). Tell someone that is going to hold you accountable, not someone that is going to let you slide. You will set yourself up for failure by doing that. Two goals, in order, that I recommend putting on your list before you even think about a movement goal are:

1) Making it to the gym consistently. If your membership is 3x per week, make sure you are getting to the gym 3x per week. If you are unlimited, make it at least 4x.

2) Dial in your nutrition and start eating right. Here is the truth. You cannot out train a bad diet. It is easy to consume more calories than you will burn in a day. It is also easy to not consume enough calories if you are trying to build muscle and burn fat. Fact, you will see results very quickly if your nutrition is on point. THINK, IN LESS THAN 2 MONTHS……SERIOUSLY. In 2 months you can make some serious gains. Or, you can let those 2 months pass you by and wish you had stuck it out. It’s your choice. I will share with you in the next couple of days, someone who in 7 weeks, ate more food than what they were used to eating in a day, lost fat, gained muscle and lowered their workout times.

If you have both of those nailed down, make the 3rd goal a movement you want to work on. Take a month and beat that goal to death. Once you fee like you have made some progress on that goal….pick another movement. The top movements I see people get hung up on are: Pushups, dips, pull ups, toes to bar, HSPU, MU’s, and OHS. Ask a coach to help you with your goal.

Lastly, surround yourself with positive people. Avoid people that constantly complain. Having people that constantly complain in your life are just going to hold you back.

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