Healthy Nutrition Habits

Eat more protein. In todays day and age most people do not consume enough protein. If you want to have muscle growth you need eat enough protein to support it. Protein can be hard to consume if not prepared. Hard boiled eggs, rotisserie chickens, lean beef and fish are some ideas of high quality protein you should be consuming. Keep it on hand with you through out the day.

Have better snacks on hand. If you want to build muscle you will need to eat in between your meals. There are bunch of snacks out there that are convenient but most of them are sugar-laden. Keep healthy snacks available, jerky, nuts and seeds, protein bars. Try to stick to real food…your body can processes it easier and faster.

Consider dairy. Dairy promotes muscle growth and repair. Dairy is an easy way to get calories into your body. Cottage cheese and Greek yogurt are great to have on hand.

Sleep. In today’s society most people walk around sleep deprived. Muscle will not grow with out it. You need to get at least 8 hours of sleep per night. Figure out when you need to get up, subtract 8 hours from there and prepare for bed 30 minutes before that. Ditch those electronic devices before bed they, interrupt your sleeping habits.

Reduce stress. We live in a stress free world. Just kidding. Stress hinders digestion and spikes cortisol, which results in muscle loss and fat gain. That is the opposite of what we are after. Find time for yourself once in a while, get away from the hustle and bustle. Take a walk, play with your dog or cat find something you enjoy that takes your mind off of the world that makes you stressed.

Eat carbs. Carbs give you energy which helps you be more intense during workouts, intensity brings results. Carbs also help shuttle nutrients to your muscles. Yams, squash, sweet potatoes and rice are great sources of carbs to fuel your muscles.

Buy prepared foods. Cooking can be a pain in the but all the time. We live in a busy world and often times cooking and preparing meals gets shoved to that back burner. Go grab a $6 meal for yourself or eat out at a healthy restaurant.

Cook in batches. Casseroles are a great to make in batches and eat through out the week. All you have to do is put them in containers; grab them from out of the fridge and re-heat. You don’t want to cook too much though. I have found that most people seem to be able to tolerate eating the same thing about 3-4 time per week….then they get sick of it and the rest goes to waste. Cook in small batches.

These habits take time to develop, start with one or two and work your way up from there. If you want to make the most of your workouts and maximizing your results make sure you are doing everything you are supposed to be doing. Making change is hard, what’s even harder is not making any change after all the hard work you put in. Food for thought.

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