Time flies. It doesn’t stop and wait for us to catch up. Back in January I had those of you that were with us, set some goals. The first goal was to get to the gym on a regular basis every week. The second….only if you met the previous goal was to work on your nutrition. Specifically, to count your intake of Protein, Carbs and Fat on a daily basis. If you have the first two dialed in then you can work on your third, which is to set some movement goals. How are you coming with those? I asked some of the classes this morning…..and the response was a little disappointing. The first goal doesn’t seem to be an issue for the majority…..coming to CrossFit class is fun! The second goal, when I ask people how their nutrition is going, all of sudden you “gotta go”. I understand…..it’s hard. Eating healthy in today’s world is difficult….especially when you have a hectic and busy life. I am a true believer that we make time for things we want to make time for. If you haven’t done anything the past 6 months you need to start now. Do you want another 6 months to pass you by and not get the results you sought after when you joined? I know, I don’t and the other coaches don’t want to see that either. We work hard to help you in the gym……unfortunately we only see you for an hour a day…..there are 23 more!

I have been thinking how to help…..I keep going back to the original CF prescription for nutrition. “Eat lean meat, nuts and seeds, lots of vegetables, some fruit, a little starch and no sugar” That is actually the Zone diet. It is similar to counting macros, only you get there a different way. It takes a little work, weighing and measuring your food but after a while, you won’t have to weigh and measure….you will be able to eye ball it.

Here is the Zone Packet. This can get you started. Read it through carefully. If you don’t understand it the first keep reading it until you do. It really is simple once you understand it. It even gives you sample meals to make. If you decide to make your own meals, keep it simple. My zone meals are really simple…..I cook a protein (typically, beef, chicken or seafood), with a side of a salad or potato. The fat is either in the protein, in the dressing of the salad or on the potato as butter.

Here is the Zone packet for you to read. Download it and and print it. Keep it easily accessible so you can reference it. After 2 weeks of following this you will see results. ūüôā

Click HERE to view and download the packet.


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