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CrossFit Ambition is more than just a fun place to work out; at each class you’ll receive a guaranteed personal instruction during every workout. We take the guess work out of your workouts and provide you with constantly varied, functional workouts that give you the results you’ve been looking for. If you join us for only one hour a day, at least 3 days a week, we will guarantee you’ll be in the best shape of your life. No contracts, no sign up fees.

Our Bootcamp classes are designed to introduce you to the basic movements as well as exercising at a high intensity. Just like CrossFit, all the movements and workouts are scalable.  Bootcamp is like CrossFit only we do not do any weightlifting like we do in CrossFit. This is great for those that just want to strengthen bodyweight movements and a conditioning workout. Even though the movements are basic, the workouts remain challenging.

Programming can cost any where from $100-$200 a month at a globo gym. Each day you come in the programming is done for you. We take the guess work out of what your are going to do for the day. You are provided with strength and conditioning programming everyday.
Every class you will receive individual coaching to make sure you are moving safely and properly. Coaching or personal training in other gyms can cost anywhere from $30-$70 per hour! If you meet 1x a week per month you are going to pay $120 just in four visits at any other gym.
To us, this is priceless. Being driven by your peers and surrounded by like-minded individuals in every class is hard to put a price tag on. You will meet a lot of great people with the same goals and make new friends. The single most important element that makes CrossFit gyms so successful is the strong community atmosphere.
We you hold accountable! The coaches at CrossFit Ambition with hold you accountable to show up, so will the people you meet here! We get down to business in each class, but we are also a social group as well. More often I sometimes hear “Hey, where is (so and so)?” Being held accountable is priceless and something you don’t get at other gyms.


1. Call Kris @ 585.233.0180 or click the button below to fill out a form to set up your free trial class.


2. If you like it, you can then sign up and choose a membership option.
We don’t have a sales pitch, the program sells itself.

3. Show up to class!

Visitors with CrossFit Experience
Weekly $35
Per visit $10 or bring a new tshirt from your box!! Men’s size: Large or Woman’s size: Medium

Additional Family Members (unlimited membership only) 50%
LEO/Fire/Military/Student 20%

Refer a friend and receive 50% off your next month if they sign up.